French Croissant Plain in Lahore at Bread and Beyond

French Croissant Plain
Premium Croissant

French Croissant Plain

Our French croissants are made with the kind of care you'd find in a home kitchen. Bread & Beyond keeps it simple - some flour, butter, yeast, sugar, and a little salt. 

Made with care

•Gently layered: We fold and roll the dough by hand, creating those fluffy layers that make a croissant so special.

•Baked to perfection: Each one is baked until it's just the right shade of golden brown, with a warm, buttery flavor that feels like a hug in every bite.

Versatile and welcoming

•Pairs with anything: Enjoy it with your morning coffee or a late-night cup of tea, or just smear on some Nutella for some extra flavor.

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