Shahi Tukra

Shahi Tukra

Bread & Beyond’s shahi tukray, is a traditional dessert that echoes the simplicity and richness of South Asian sweet treats. It’s a dish that blends everyday ingredients, turning into something special.

Simple, yet rich bread base

•        Crisp, golden bread: The base of the shahi tukray is bread fried to a golden crisp, giving a crisp texture.

•        Sweet syrup soak: Each piece is soaked in a lightly flavored syrup, balancing the crispness with a soft, sweet inside.

Authentic toppings and flavors

•        Crushed nuts: We sprinkle crushed nuts on top for an added bit of crunch and flavor.

•        Creamy milk addition: A drizzle of reduced milk is added for creaminess, complementing the bread and nuts.

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