Premium Cake Rusk in Lahore at Bread and Beyond

Premium Cake Rusk
Cake Rusk

Premium Cake Rusk

Bread & Beyond's Premium Cake Rusk is a baked fusion snack that combines the softness of cake with the crispiness of a biscuit. 

Baked twice for extra crunch:

Crafted from a sponge cake-like batter, our cake rusk is first baked until it achieves a golden hue and firmness. It's then sliced into thin pieces and baked again, resulting in the perfect crunchy texture that makes our cake rusk irresistibly delicious.

Ideal with your favorite hot beverages:

Enjoy these cake rusks with a cup of tea or coffee. Their crispiness absorbs the beverage just right, making tea or coffee time more flavorful.


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